Getting a Handle on the Job

I tried to do what Teg suggested and in a way it helped, but in another way it just scared me, since to be a GOOD Harbour Master demands the kind of commitment I’m not sure I’m ready to give.

I had a bit to do with Bixa a few years ago when she was Harbour Master and I remember how impressed I was with how well she knew me. When I really thought about it I felt a bit ashamed at how few of the Silberay I know anything of – their names of course, but not much else – so that has to be a priority.

I remember how angry I have been when decisions that affected me were made without consultation, but I know that I’m not very good at that, consultation and collaboration often seem to get in the way of action.

Tippa rang on Monday when I was studying the rolls. She wants a tow back to the Harbour because she has lost her propeller. I’ve promised to send the next Silberay who rings from her direction. I didn’t say anything to her, but a lost prop suggest poor ongoing maintenance and when I looked up the records I couldn’t see any evidence of a dry dock booking for five years or more. I know she doesn’t earn a great deal but neglecting maintenance can be costly.

Her call reminded me though that I will need to organise the regular tradesmen to be here and ready to work on the boats that need refitting for one reason or another. I would not be popular if the boats were not ready for the Consigning Ceremony.

The really good thing that happened was that Bixa rang. She is to have an apprentice and wanted to book Spring Song into the dry dock for blacking and then into the wet dock where the carpenter can work on the refit. She sounded amused at the idea of me being Harbour Master, but she was happy to answer my questions and promised to come in a month before the Gathering to give me a hand.

It isn’t quite a month since the attack and I’m still a bit tired and achy at the end of a day. I haven’t touched my clay for weeks and, more importantly, I’ve not sung. All I want to do when I get back to Day Bringer is fall into bed. Tomorrow is Saturday though and I only have to be in the office between nine and eleven, and not at all on Sunday, so hopefully I can do something about both those lacks.


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