In the pub & after

Bixa is so forgiving, and kind and sensible. We went to the pub together on Saturday afternoon and met a couple of the neighbours. We mentioned the open day and told them we are Silberay. I’m sure they thought we were crazy, but they were quite nice about it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will come and visit. Bixa says curiousity will bring them. She has also offered to pay for copies of Hafa’s Short History of the Silberay to be printed and offered for visitors.

Then, on Sunday, Beuda arrived, quite early.

She is to be Bixa’s apprentice. She’s a bit older than the usual apprentices and seems very self-confident. I couldn’t really warm to her and it makes me concerned for Bixa who deserves the best. She (Beuda) seems very taken with Myl, Yog’s apprentice, who she met in Highington. It seems he was the one who persuaded her to approach us. She left again at lunchtime on Monday.

Bixa looked very tired afterwards, but determined to do her best for her. I really feel for her though. Imagine sharing your boat and your life with someone you couldn’t warm to.

Thank goodness Jik arrived in the afternoon, which cheered us both up.


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