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A Surprise for Susan (and Me)

Today was the boat trip for Toby and his family, his wife Susan, his sons, Jack and Rob and his daughter Emily. It was obvious that Susan was apprehensive when they arrived, but the children were excited at the idea of going on a boat.

Toby had told Susan about his short voyage and I tried to let her know that any decision was up to her. When I said something about the boat being too small for us all to live on, trying to reassure her that I didn’t want to keep them in the water dimension, she actually suggested that I might not want them to live!

Then, we rounded the building to where there was a view of the Harbour and Susan could see! It was such a surprise.

At first I couldn’t understand how she could get to thirty five and not have discovered already, but when we talked about it I could see that it was not so strange. She only came to Sefton Middle after she and Toby married and her life focused around him and his work and the children. It makes me think that there must be others, perhaps many others, in the same position, with a gift they don’t know they have. She has promised to come back and visit the Old Ones. They will enjoy that, and she can ask them questions and listen to their stories.

I took them north to the first turning place. Once they were used to the water dimension the children could explore Day Bringer and even sit in the well deck with Susan. It was more difficult for Toby and he was happier looking out from the saloon with Day Bringer’s hull keeping him enclosed.

I moored for a bit while we had tea. My scones were rock hard. I’m never confident that they will turn out well. They were eaten, however, and Susan brought biscuits she had made so we had plenty.

I think Susan was reconciled to her different viewpoint by the time she left, but it obviously disturbed and challenged her at first. Children adjust to new ideas so much more easily it seems. The day has shown me how important it is to be known.

The day has been very hard work and it would be easy to stop there. I really prefer solitude, my song and my clay, but I think if I don’t act when it matters then I’m really denying my song.