Something In the Grass

It was a good week on the whole, until today when I treated Bixa to a display of childish temper that would have shamed a ten year old.

On Monday she and I, and Teg, spent most of the day in the chandlery. We got the basic inventory done and at least I know now roughly what to order. Whin arrived and went into the dry dock. He found one of my leaflets about the open day and was inclined to be disapproving until Teg spoke up for me.

The next few days were busy but uneventful, then, on Friday, Bixa and I went into Sefton Middle for provisions. Now that there are three of us here at the harbour it makes sense to share. It was not until we were coming down the drive on our way home that we had time to notice that there were patches of dying grass. Then we realised that the dead patches were letters and made out the shapes that spelled BURN WITCH. It must have been the men we saw a week ago. They were poisoning the grass. It will only get more visible as time goes on and I can’t think what to do about it.

I did try to keep my temper. We were packing away the provisions in the kitchen when it all got too much for me. I picked up a mug from the dresser and smashed it on the floor.

Bixa was very understanding, which only made me worse and I snapped at her. Now, of course, I feel very ashamed of myself.


In the chandlery

This morning I had a call from Yarla, wanting to be sure she could replace her fenders. Up until then I had not given any thought to the chandlery.

Bixa and I went to look before lunch. It was a disaster. It looked as if no one had been near it since the last Gathering. I think I would have given up in despair if it had not been for Bixa. She has promised to help me inventory the stock and suggested I ask Teg to help too. He could sit and write while we run around counting. I think he would be glad to be asked.

She wouldn’t let me start today though, since we had planned to go to the pub.

I”m glad we did because we met one of the neighbours again and talked a bit about the open day. The landlord set us put up one of my posters too.