Bixa Again

She has been here for nearly a week now. As well as working hard to get her blacking finished and move Spring Song into the wet dock for the carpenter she has made time to help me.

I didn’t realise, how kind she is. It’s almost like having Nemle back. I’ll need to be careful not to abuse her kindness. She has been singing with me and I have felt the song expand and the light spread from it in new ways. When she learned that I had been practising mind control with Fylan and Teg she offered herself. She said it would be a good challenge for her to practise with me and helpful for when she has her apprentice. She is very well defended and I have not yet managed to enter her mind undetected, but when it comes to attack her skills are like Kel’s. Actually in many ways she is rather like Kel, kind and dependable. I use the same handicap with her that I use with him.

Tomorrow she is coming with me into Sefton Middle. I’ve made an appointment for us to see the town clerk. It is obvious that we need to do something to correct the information they have about us and perhaps find a way in which we can be of service to the town in a more tangible way than our singing. Hopefully, with two of us, we might be believed, or at least listened to instead of laughed at or feared. She has suggested that we ask the police for advice about the letters from Hemera too. I know Fylan would agree with that and I would prefer it to having them come here where they might feel confronted by the Harbour.