A new job

Today I allowed Jik to persuade me to agree to the request Gilt made of me to substitute for him and do the job of Harbour Master for six weeks while he goes north to help his mother care for his sick father. I don’t feel at all qualified for the job but since I’m not allowed to go boating and Gilt has a real need, it would be churlish to refuse.

Actually I think he and Jik cooked up the idea between them when the doctors told me that my ribs and my collar bone would need six weeks recovery time. I don’t want to believe it, but I do still ache when I laugh or cough and I can’t wear my back pack and I can see that working a windlass might not be wise.

This morning Gilt gave me a brief overview of the work I would need to do. Me, in an office! I can’t help feeling inadequate as well as resentful that I have been put in this position. I’ve decided not to move into the Harbour Master’s flat. Day Bringer is my home. It’s where I belong. At least Jik supported me in that and has spent time today organising bags of coal and emptying the toilet so I won’t have any heavy lifting to do for a few weeks at least.

Fylan would like me to stay in the house a bit longer so she can check on me, but Blin would drive me crazy he is so obsessed with me and I think she understands that. She has promised to feed me though, at least for the first weeks while I’m finding my feet in the job.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be in the office on my own, nine o’clock until five. I can’t help wondering what I have let myself in for.


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